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Using Big Data to Tackle Facial Trauma. 

-Alan Rickman explains!

NFORC is the world's only national research centre dedicated exclusively to improving care and treatment for facial and oral problems. 

It aims to find answers to which treatments work best to improve the care of patients with facial and oral conditions. The charity already partners more than 350 surgeons at multiple hospitals across the UK. This collaboration creates big data, which greatly helps to determine best treatment practice and finds new and innovative ways to treat cancer, deformity and trauma more rapidly and efficiently. 

Alan Rickman was a long-standing patron of Saving Faces and a prominent figurehead at the launch of our charity.

Part of the funding effort at the moment is aimed at establishing a professorship in oral and maxillofacial surgery to lead the charity on a permanent basis

EACMFS & the NFORC charity

As patron of the Saving Faces parent charity, Nick Kalavrezos intends to use his impending term as president of European Association of Maxillofacial Surgeons (EACMFS) to extend NFORC into a Europe-wide research centre.  The vast data that will be collected and the speed with which  care teams can find answers to vital research questions will further accelerate the steady improvement in patient care. 






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